What's Dan Forest Hiding?

Dan Forest’s Biggest Donor,

Greg Lindberg, Found Guilty

for Bribing a Government Official

On March 5, 2020, Dan Forest’s biggest donor, Greg Lindberg, was found guilty for bribing a government official, N.C. Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey.


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What did Greg Lindberg

want from Dan Forest?

Here’s what we know:


In February, WRAL uncovered an explosive new document revealing Dan Forest’s connections to Greg Lindberg’s bribery scandal. 


In August of 2017, Dan Forest’s former chief of staff and current campaign manager, Hal Weatherman, sent an email about setting up a meeting between Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey and Greg Lindberg and John Gray. Both Lindberg and Gray are now facing federal charges for bribery. Former NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes pleaded guilty.


In the same month the email was sent, Lindberg donated $400,000 to the Republican Council of State Committee, chaired by Dan Forest. And Dan Forest’s campaign committee received more than $50,000 from Lindberg’s associates.


By the end of 2017, Greg Lindberg gave $2 million in contributions to committees that support Forest within the span of three days in December — at the same time he was trying to buy off Mike Causey:

  • Lindberg gave $1 million to Dan Forest’s Truth and Prosperity PAC.

  • He also gave $1.4 million to another PAC that supports Forest.

  • Plus, Lindberg associates shelled out nearly $50,000 to Forest’s campaign committee.

Forest tried to claim that he had never given directly to their campaign, but the News & Observer revealed that Forest’s campaign failed to report a “special kind of donation” from Lindberg.


What else is Dan hiding?


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